Tips For Designing Your Political Yard Signs

As Election Day draws near each year, political signs and banners start to spring up everywhere, from roadside lawns to supermarket windows. Political yard signs are an important element in local campaigning. Over time, a single sign can be seen by hundreds or even thousands of people. Multiply that effect by the total number of yard signs promoting a campaign, and you have a powerful way to build candidate name recognition. As often as not, though, campaigns waste valuable resources by posting political signs that are hard to read, hard to remember or otherwise miss their mark. So.. lets discuss how you can avoid this fate by designing political signs with their purpose and your image in mind.

1. Keep Them Simple and Use Colors That Stand Out.
Do not put too much information on the sign! Nobody is going to bother stopping their car to read a candidate’s sign: make sure that whatever you are advocating is in big, bold letters that anyone can read and understand. Consider using at least two colors. This will increase the impact of the sign. Red, white and blue are traditional favorites. Other combos of color such as black and red or blue and yellow can work well, too.

2. How Big Should They Be?
A typical yard sign is 12” x 24”, but going for 18” x 24” or larger signs can produce more impact. With more text size available, be sure that even your larger signs are clearly readable from a distance.

3. What Material Should You Use?
Coroplast or corrugated plastic yard signs are waterproof and won’t rip or tear in the wind, so you’ll have a lot more of them to pick up and save for the next election when the campaign is over.

4. Make Sure to Follow All Election Laws.
Cities and counties have their own rules regarding signs, including the placement of them. Before you order thousands of dollars of yard signs, make sure that your signs will comply with local election laws.

By: Barry Allen can design and print political yard signs that will help get your message out. You can be sure to get your political message out loud and clear. If you need more help or information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Please give us a call at 800-966-0915 or shoot us an email at

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