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Study in Poland with Viswam Overseas Education. Introduction:
Poland is an active and modern country with full of opportunities. It is the only country which showed growth during recession. Poland welcomes international students and polish people hospitality is very good and their sense of humour is also spectacular. They are very friendly and ready to help international students. Poland providing you extended residence permission after graduation. Settlement option (Blue Card) is also available. So that you can settle in Poland after completing your studies. Poland offers you vibrant student life because of student festivals. Poland has lakes, natural reserves and beautiful landscapes to hang out. Every university conduct these events. You will surely enjoy your stay in Poland.
 World-wide recognition
 Cost of living is low
 Scholarships/loans
 Immigrate to Poland
World-wide recognition:

A degree from Poland has world-wide recognition. Employers from all over the world accept this degree. Polish higher education system is well developed and up- to date. The education provided is continuously monitors and regularly evaluated. Medium of Instruction is normally English. Poland has several world class universities like Warsaw University of Technology, Wroclaw University of Technology, Vincent pol University. These Universities offer you Medicine, Engineering, Management and arts course. University faculty are highly specialized and providing outstanding results over the years.
Cost of living is low:

Cost of living is relatively very cheap comparing to other European Union Countries. Due to the low tuition fees for Universities, it is affordable and accessible to study in Poland. All Major Universities in Poland assist their International Students for accommodation by student houses and private housing. Otherwise, you can go for shared house/Flats with Friends. If you want University housing, contact your University as soon as you receive acceptance letter. The transportation is also very cheap and can get discounts for students. Coming to food, Indian foods are available in Poland. Polish foods are also very good and fulfilling. Price of organic food is also very cheap due to large supply in Poland.

 Poland is offering various scholarships and discounts for their International students. Scholarships are offered by Poland Government, various foundations and the University themselves. The Polish Government Scholarships are about the best scholarships available. They not only pay the full tuition fee but also allow recipients to receive monthly stipends to cover a portion of daily living expenses The amount of the scholarships depends on which program you decided to study. There are various other scholarships available for academic excellence. To know more about scholarships, contact Polish embassy in your country.
Immigrate to Poland:

 Poland is a country of opportunities with low crime rate. It also has flexible taxation system. It has good health care and education system. You automatically get a temporary residence permit if you pursue your education in Poland. If you possess a temporary residence permit, you also receive a residence card, which becomes the official document confirming your identity during your stay in Poland. As a full-time student possessing also a residence card, you are allowed to start work in Poland without applying for additional permits. This is valid for 3 years. Professionals can apply for Blue card once they find an employer. After 5 years you can apply for Permanent residence.

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Poland is a very beautiful European country with lot of good landscapes and friendly people.If you start your higher education in Poland, then your future is safe.Poland is also a gateway for Europe from Poland, you can re locate to other European countries like Germany,Italy,France and England.Don't miss this golden opportunity.

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