Pregnancy and Cravings Basics

Pregnancy causes many strange and wonderful things to happen to you and your body, but perhaps one of the hardest to explain is the food craving. The one food craving we’ve all heard about is Pickles and Ice Cream, but there are many more weird and wonderful cravings that you may not have heard of. Most cravings won’t harm you, especially if the cravings are food items, just in excess or put together in strange combinations. Do be careful and make sure you stay away from the cravings that can harm you. Non food items that have been reported to doctors over the years have included harmful items like paste and cleaning solutions. Even smelling some of these things are bad for you, pregnant or not.

If in doubt about any craving, a quick call to your doctor will be met with patience and understanding and will calm any worries you might have so you can enjoy this time of your life. Think of the stories you’ll have to share when other women start reliving this time in their life.

Medical Link?

Doctors, nutritionists, and naturalists have all tried to figure out why we have cravings. They’ve tried linking the cravings to mineral or vitamin deficiencies or hormones or protein needs, etc. The bottom line is no one really knows for sure what causes these sometime crazy-gotta have-desires. Cravings can run the gamut of simple, regular-type food cravings that range from ice cream, chocolate cake and other sweets; to potato chips, salty nuts, pickles, anything with a salty taste; to steaks, hamburgers, or any other meat of choice and all kinds of crazy combinations of the above and any others that can come to mind. None of these types of craving are going to hurt you. They are all normal foods even though they may be in strange quantities or combinations. There are some that are a little less appetizing to most of us-that is unless we’re pregnant.

I have a daughter that craved ice, but not just normal ice cubes. She craved the ice formed on the old fashioned refrigerator freezers. The freezers you had to defrost by hand that formed ice on the inside. She would eat all of hers and come over to my house, get a spoon, open the refrigerator’s freezer door and stand there scraping and eating. One good thing came of that oddity, neither one of us had to defrost our refrigerators for a good eight months.

Check with Your Doctor

That might have been odd, but it still wasn’t anything that would harm her. She worried about it until she checked with her doctor. Don’t hesitate to ask, if nothing else, you’ll quit worrying.

When I was pregnant with my oldest child, I had really bad morning sickness that lasted all day. I couldn’t hold anything on my stomach- until evening, when all I could think about was chili. And not just any chili, but the kind of chili you get at a real greasy spoon drive-in. I remember that greasy chili tasting so good every evening after a full day of being so sick, I ate it every evening for several weeks. Again, the doctor said that any food you can keep down is good food. Often the thing you crave while you are pregnant will disgust you, or at the very least make you wonder what you were thinking, after your pregnancy. Most women won’t touch the stuff they craved after their pregnancies are over or before the pregnancy began. Again, as with the other cravings we’ve talked about, these things wouldn’t really hurt you and would still be classified as edible things.

Dangerous Cravings

There are some cravings women have had that would actually harm the woman and the fetus she carries. It’s hard to imagine but women have craved things like laundry starch, paint chips and plaster. If you or anyone you know starts craving non-edible things, take yourself or them to a doctor. When women crave things like clay or dirt, coffee grounds or toothpaste, it may not harm them per say, but doctors say they may be deficient in iron. There again, you would be wise to consult a doctor. If you are pregnant, the cravings can change from one day to the next, one trimester to the next. But hopefully you’ll stick with weird but edible combinations, simply craving odd foods so people will only want to tease you and wonder at your strange requests.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in your life, cravings and all. So don’t let the edible type of cravings concern you too much, just eat them and enjoy.

By: Sharon Melanson

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