Satpal Maharaj is the 21st century's true spiritual master, great visionary and a superb estatesman. He has an holistic visualization to transform the human soul with the eternal knowledge of spirituality. Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj
When the weather becomes too hot, then hot air rises and cold air takes its place, so a a cyclone comes and it starts raining. Saints and Divine Personalities work the same way; they incarnate from time to time in this world for the salvation and well-being of mankind. When a Divine Personality comes into this world, people talk about his holy and spiritual activities, what he did and what mankind gets from him. St Tulsidas Ji says in the Shri Ramcharitmanasa:–
Jab jab hoi dharma ki hani.
Barhahin asur adham abhimani.
Tab tab dhari prabhu vividh sharira.
Harahin Kripanidhi sajjan peera.
Whenever true religion is in danger and there is a rise in the demonic, the wicked and arrogant, the Almighty incarnates in various forms and relieves the gentle of their suffering. Ravana deviated from the prescribed rules of morality and harrassed the forest sages, so Lord Shri Rama had to incarnate.
Likewise, Lord Shri Krishna came in the next Age because his uncle Kansa had persecuted others harshly all his life. When he was going to see off his own sister and brother-in-law after their marriage, a Divine Voice said, “Kansa, it is the 8th child born from the womb of your sister, Devaki, who will be the cause of your death!” The wicked king killed Devaki's children as soon as they were born. But when Lord Shri Krishna was born, Vasudev and Devaki were freed from their chains, the locks of the jail opened and all the security guards fell into a deep slumber.
Lord Shri Krishna killed many demons even when he was a child. He killed the serpent Kalia because it polluted the Yamuna River. Even today, waste materials are poisoning the Yamuna, which we have to remove.
Saints and Incarnations transform wicked people through Spiritual Knowledge. Their satsang makes people inclined to have a good and positive attitude. That is why it has been written in the Ramcharitmanasa:
Majjan phal pekhia tatkala, kak honhin pik bakau marala.
Suni ashcharya karai jani koi. Satsangati mahima nahin goi.
“Even people with a crow-like nature become like cuckoos by listening to satsang. This is not surprising, as the glory of satsang is great and beyond words.” Even wicked people are awakened by satsang.
People build temples in memory of the great Incarnations and worship there, but while those saints and Divine Personalities are actually in the world, only very few conscientious people know them in reality. Such inspiration comes from attending satsang and coming in contact with true saints.
Lord Shri Krishna did many things in his life. To protect spirituality, he even waged the Mahabharata War. Before that Ved Vyas wanted to give divine vision to King Dhritrashtra so that he could see the Mahabharata battle. But Dhritrashtra said that he did not want to see his sons being killed, so asked the sage to bestow that divine vision on his charioteer Sanjay. From Indraprastha, Sanjay observed the battle and gave a running commentary to Dhritrashtra. In the very first verse of the Bhagavad Gita, Dhritrashtra asks Sanjay,
‘Dharma Kshetre Kurukshetre samveta yuyutsava.
Mamakah Pandavashchaiva Kimkurvat Sanjayah’.
“Sanjay, what are my sons, who want war, doing at Kurukshetra?” Then Sanjay narrates the battle being fought at Kurukshetra to Dhritrashtra. He says that Arjuna has refused to fight and Lord Shri Krishna is instructing him in Spiritual Knowledge.
Lord Shri Krishna imparts the practical techniques of Knowledge to Arjuna. Sanjay could neither see that nor understand. After the battle was over, Sanjay goes to Ved Vyas Ji and says, “Maharaj, what is that Spiritual Knowledge, the sovereign Knowledge? I want to know.” Ved Vyas Ji says, “For that you will have to go to Sukdev Muni, the living Spiritual Master. Only he will impart to you this most secret Knowledge which gives instantaneous rewards. Then you will know in reality how beneficial that Knowledge is in life.”
Our scientists said that energy is never created nor is it destroyed. The whole world is made of energy. Only when we are connected to the living Spiritual Master do we get illuminated. Such a Spiritual Master is the powerhouse and all beings are lighted by Him. As soon as the soul departs, the body becomes inert and all activity ceases. The true Master imparts Spiritual Knowledge to a true devotee like Arjuna. So, we also should understand the importance of the Spiritual Master in life and receive that Spiritual Knowledge.
Shiva Ji Maharaj acquired this Knowledge from Samartha Ram Das Ji. When Shivaji was inspired to receive Knowledge, the Master said to him, “Son, if you want to receive Knowledge, you will have to surrender everything to Guru Maharaj Ji.” Shiva Ji sacrificed his kingdom at the feet of his Master. Then Guru Maharaj Ji said, “Look, Shiva, you have surrendered your kingdom, now govern it thinking it as belonging to me.” So Shiva Ji Maharaj hoisted a saffron coloured flag - the symbol of surrender - above his kingdom and ruled.
How amazing that Shiva Ji regarded Guru Maharaj Ji, and not himself, as the owner of the kingdom. This is the power of spirituality. Once he received Knowledge and realised the Spiritual Power through his meditation, Shiva Ji administered the kingdom regarding it as belonging to Guru Maharaj Ji. His spiritual power was mighty.
There is enormous energy within the Spiritual Power. Even though Rama and Ravana both had the same zodiac sign, Ravana was extremely materialistic. When Surpanakha, his sister, told him that two noblemen accompanying a beautiful young lady had entered Danda Forest, Ravana said, “I am King and whatever is in my kingdom belongs to me.” With this thought in his mind, Ravana went to the forest to kidnap Sita and he met his end accordingly.
In other words, we should receive the Spiritual Energy from the living Spiritual Master. Spiritual Power is essential to make our country great. Today, education is expanding from place to place but what is the reason that heroic personalities like Vivekanand, Prahlad, Dhruva or Meera Bai are not being born in our country? The only reason for this is that all of us are moving away from true Knowledge. So, today, that Spiritual Power is most necessary and the Spiritual Knowledge is received from the living Satguru. That is why saints have said,
“Uttishthat jagrat prapya varannibodhat.”
“Rise up, awaken and keep on going until you reach the goal!” So, we must go ahead and spread the Knowledge. Guru Nanak has said,
“Ap jape auron ko japawe, Nanak nischay mukti pawe.”
“One should himself remember the Holy Name and inspire others to remember It and by doing so, he is sure to get salvation.”
We spray perfume not only to enjoy its fragrance ourselves but that others may enjoy it too. The essence of Spiritual Knowledge is such that it makes us blissful and this also benefits others. We have to produce such light in our life that we may be illuminated by it and our society may also be illuminated by it. So, we all should realise Knowledge.

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