Practicing Hypnotism to fulfill material desires like Break up, Divorce

It is duly said that if God exists, then there exist evil too and so does Black magic and hypnotism. People being highly educated now don’t believe in such things, but they do exist and seek help of black magic practitioners to render with their problems.
In these times, when everything happens at a fast forward pace, people expect material things like money, love and relationships to be bonded without any delay. It can be said that there’s no time for love or to understand the other person. People tend to fall for another in just one look and they tend to fail to understand their feelings towards the other person which is nothing but infatuation or attraction. There’s a very thin line between infatuation and love, so is a minimal line between love and hate.

So, to counter this, people consult the person expert in the field of hypnotism. By means of hypnotizing, people facing problems in love life or in want of material needs can get their desires fulfilled. This process can also be termed as ‘Black Magic’. Even though doing black magic is considered sinful, people still practice this secretly to gain or harm the other person.

There are some people who consider black magic good, whereas for other sect, black magic is evil like worshiping a devil. People are nowadays impatient to let the things fall into place, thereby end up being heartbroken. Babas or commonly known as Tantriks are seen involved this form of magic. They practice the tricks of black magic like voodoo, hypnotism, spells for break up and divorce solution, enemy revenge and many more tricks.

Many young lovers fall prey to this type of activity, since some could not handle the rejection given to them by their loved one. So, these young boys and girls seek the help of a Tantrik to come with an effective break up solution. The fear of your loved one getting detached or your ego taunting you to be the rejected are the consequences of these youngsters being trapped by the aura of black magic.

Black magic to be used as a divorce solution is sought by many to prevent their marriage from being broken. Factors like cheating, lack of trust, doubts, less communication, extra marital affairs and other reasons lead a couple to head to file a divorce. When either of the partner still want their marriage to work out and when no other alternative seems to be fruitful, they ultimately turn to the use of spells and black magic tricks on their partners. Tantriks guarantee 100% positive results, thereby saving the holy nuptial.

But, these people indulging in black magic and related activities failed to understand the future consequences of using this in the long term. When the spell lifts up, the same problems arise, this leaves them again with no other help, other than performing black magic. They then take the help of babas or Tantriks to help them out with an effective divorce or breakup solution. Usage of these spells bounds the other person, sometime makes them to do whatever the other person wants (this is called hypnotizing effect) and can hurt them as well.

By: Beeru Prasad

By means of black magic, hypnotism, spells as break up and divorce solution, people try to acquire what one’s was their to fulfill their need, ego and desire. People nowadays want quick results and if they may have to face any rejection, these dark practices come to play.

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