3 Markers and 3 Purposes: Fine, Broad Line and Super Tip

Buy 8 Count Washable Markers from Color Swell. The Color Swell Markers are Washable, Broad Line, and Non-Toxic. Each Washable Marker Pack Contains 8 Classic Colors. Buy Now. If you're looking for bulk markers you will find three different tip sizes -- fine, broad line and super tips. Why there are three types and what are they for? The purpose is to offer different means and styles of coloring the artwork.

Fine - Very Small Detail and Lines
A fine tip marker is used for more intricate detail and penmanship. With a finer line you can sketch out the outlines and shapes of the artwork.

The pigment can be used for finer decoration of the artwork -- perhaps the feathers of a bird where the finer decoration is an important part of the final outcome.

Broad Line - the Workhorse of Markers
Broad line markers are the everyday markers that are most commonly used, whether for coloring or drawing an outline.

Being a dual use pen, they can still be used for finer detail with a little care, but are equally good at the bigger picture business of coloring the final piece.

Super Tip for Bold Marks
Need something big and bold that makes a strong mark? The super tip marker is for those moments where you want to cover a specific area or outline.
You can super tip markers them for class murals and wall art. The super tip marker can achieve some interesting results by using the edge of the tip with a flourish to sweep marks on the paper!
Where it comes to making signs that will be seen from a distance, the super tip marker is ideal for making big letters too!

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Color Swell supports creative, fun, and imaginative art projects. We stand behind our products and want you to love them. Buy Washable Markers Bulk, Bulk Crayons, Colored Pencils, Erasers, Watercolors from Color Swell. We offer Colored Pencils in Bulk, Bulk Dry Erase Markers, Bulk Crayon Packs, and Bulk Erasers at Cheap Rates.

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