5 reasons to book a catamaran charter Croatia

As every pirate needs a ship; every sailor needs to book a catamaran charter Croatia. A catamaran is a ship designed by the South Pacific Islanders. As every pirate needs a ship; every sailor needs to book a catamaran charter Croatia. A catamaran is a ship designed by the South Pacific Islanders. Its history dates back to India in the 17th century and is modified throughout history, a catamaran is a sailboat balanced on two hulls with the sails in between. Catamarans are faster than mono-hull boats for several reasons; one of which is the hull shape. The very thin and pointed hull design of the catamaran reduces air drag, making it faster.

To maximize your Croatia experience, there are several reasons why one should book a catamaran charter Croatia when sailing there:

1. Less tiring, greater comfort.

Having two hulls offer greater stability for the boat. This offers a greater comfort to the sailor as he or she is not battling gravity. While leaning over at 25 degrees offer excitement, it can get tiring for a while. The cruising catamaran heels only five to 10 degrees under sail. This in itself offer a lot of advantages as it keeps a great balance on-deck, preventing food from slipping, and lets you sleep better despite the movement.

2. Shallow water cruising

The catamaran can cruise the shallow water, in depths that will terrify other sailboats that you can get from yacht charter Croatia companies. The catamaran can cruise and anchor in areas that other sailboats cannot get into. The catamaran draft ranges from 1 to 4 feet, depending on the model has mini-keels or dagger boards.

3. Faster cruising

Because of its design, the catamaran can be faster than the ordinary mono-hull that you can get from boat rental Croatia companies. Under regular conditions, the modern catamaran can sail 20%-50% faster than that of the mono-hull. This gives the sailor time to transfer from island to island faster, giving more time to explore the island and beating sea-traffic from other sailors.

4. Space and View

Space matters in all sailboats and the catamaran is no exception. Compared to other boats a yacht charter Croatia company can offer, a catamaran is roomier because of the large deck areas where a deck chair or hammock can be set up. The accommodation of the catamaran spreads out over a wide space and there are usually separate cabins in the corners. The catamaran also boasts of its 360-degree view from the bridge deck.

5. Unsinkable

One of the things that non-swimmers don’t have to worry about is being thrown overboard. Since it has great stability and balance, it is therefore easier to stay on board and reduce the risk of being thrown over. Catamarans have great buoyancy because of the wood and/or foam construction and watertight compartments that may not be found in all the boat rental Croatia units.

The modern cat offers an experience like no other, mixing in the thrill of the sea and the comforts of home in one packed adventure. There is only one way to see the authenticity Croatia has to offer and booking a catamaran charter Croatia experience will give you that and more.

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