And the Sydney Harbour lunch cruise grand prize goes to ticket number 341!

Want to wine and dine under the blue skies? We can do you one better!Come aboard a Sydney Harbour lunch cruise and enjoy the best views of Sydney’s icons while enjoying a delicious multi-course lunch. Take your time and savour each dish paired with premium drinks and the finest views available in Sydney, and have the best lunch ever!
I am quite the raffle junkie – have been for a while. Have I won anything? No, never! But strangely, I don’t require incentives to feed this addiction. With an imaginary halo on my head, I’d like to believe that I buy raffle tickets not for the joy of winning but for the cause that drives it, which will probably be raising money for a charitable cause. But, I must admit that I do get a kick out of going through the prize list, and sub-consciously, some non-descript corner of my mind imagines me winning something!

Every now and then, our church conducts a lucky raffle draw that offers a variety of prizes right from a little ceramic teapot to the grand prize.This time the grand prize was an exclusive lunch cruise on Sydney Harbour. It’s not unusual to see the little minions of the congregation walking about with a bunch of raffle tickets trying to feebly convince anyone with a wallet to buy as many as they can. But it’s uncanny how these young children understand human behaviour enough to market the Sydney Harbour lunch cruise and not the cause behind the whole exercise!
My son is also a part of this brigade, and with his kiddish charm, manages to sell a few tickets every year and the rest is left for me to buy. It’s a sort of an unwritten agreement between us and I think the same happens in many families across the globe. It’s always ‘super dad’ to the rescue with his ‘not-so-super wallet’; but I know how much it means to my son, so I indulge him, in light of the greater good!

Like all other raffles,I forgot about this one in no time and the ticket stubswere relegated to some corner of my draw. On returning home from work one day, barely had I parked the car when I saw my son bursting through the front door ripe with excitement! The last time I had this sort of a welcome from the little nipper was when he knew I was coming home with a puppy.

The flurry of excitement was all to give me the big news – I had won the grand prize in the church raffle – the enviable lunch cruise on Sydney Harbour. True to tradition, I had no recollection of buying an insane amount of raffle tickets a month ago; but the grand prize of the Sydney Harbour lunch cruise jogged my memory. I recalled reading it in the prize list and figured the church had decided to splurge on the prizes this time to attract more attention and help the sales of the tickets.

So there you go, I finally won a prize at a raffle and it is definitely sweeter when you least expect it! We had a good time, the wife and me on the lunch cruisetaking in the Sydney Harbour sights and enjoying a premium dining experience on a really fancy glass boat. This particular Sydney Harbour lunch cruise didn’t allow children on board, so our boy couldn’t come along. But I think he was happier spending the day with his grandparents running about the yard than being cooped up on a boat, which is probably a more grownup way of having fun.
Now that the raffle junkie in me has been temporarily satiated, I think I will try my hand at the lotteries – who knows what my odds are!

By: Toms John

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