Whale Watching – A True San Diego Adventure

Ready for adventure? Want to enjoy nature? Head to San Diego, America’s main city for thrilling whale watching tours. Ready for adventure? Want to enjoy nature? Head to San Diego, America’s main city for thrilling whale watching tours. Enjoy a getaway with family, friends or love ones where sun and sea provide the perfect ambiance for whale watching.

You may view grey or blue whales while whale watching to make your experience memorable. If you do not know much about whales and their history, then research a little before your whale watching trip so you can enjoy your trip even more. By learning about whale behavior and anatomy, you'll better understand what you're seeing while whale watching. In San Diego, many whale watching services offer whale watching outings so you can plan an exciting trip.

The right to time to see grey whale is between mid-Decembers to April, as they migrate from Alaska and Baja California. Blue whales are off coast from the middle of June until September. Winter is best time to spend quality time with your family or love ones in San Diego whale watching.

If you're concerned about safety while whale watching, rest assured that whale watching tours take care of everything for you. Experienced crews ensure that the vessel used for your whale watching adventure has been properly maintained and inspected to provide you with a safe whale watching trip.

Whale watching tour crews bring along basic first aid items just in case of a mishap on the boat, and also equip their vessels with all required lifesaving devices such as a life ring and, for each passenger, a life jacket. Crew members are trained to perform rescues from the water and in basic Red Cross CPR.

The crew thoroughly briefs each passenger on safety rules before embarking to ensure everyone enjoys a wonderful whale watching trip.

Many whale watching tours offer dining options to make the whale watching trip even more enjoyable. Imagine sipping your favorite wine and indulging in local delicacies while watching whales breech the ocean's surface. Their beauty, power and grace have awed whale watching enthusiasts for centuries.

Consider booking a whale watching trip to entertain business associates, reward employees, bond with your family or enjoy with close friends. Sharing the wondrous sights with others makes it even more special.

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