100 Plus Activities For The Tourist Or Vacationer In Seldovia

Seldovia is an ideal place for people who love thrill and adventure. You can enjoy the beautiful views of majestic mountains and the long stretches of shores. Seldovia is an ideal place for people who love thrill and adventure. You can enjoy the beautiful views of majestic mountains and the long stretches of shores. Just remember to get a good Seldovia bed and breakfast (b&b) reservation.

In Seldovia Fishing Adventures, you can enjoy its deluxe fishing packages which include a fishing trip, accommodations, and transportation. Seldovia lodging usually comes with a private bathroom and great oceanfront views. They also offer a single day fishing package with Seldovia b&b.

If you want to make the most of your time in Seldovia, here are 100+ activities you can do:

1. Make reservations.
2. Undertake a half day fishing charter.
3. Ride aboard the fully equipped M/V Kachemak Voyager.
4. Visit the modern Seldovia Conference Center.
5. Take a picnic at Outside Beach.
6. Watch the Russian church standing at Seldovia Bay.
7. Ride a bike or relax on the waterfront of the historic Seldovia boardwalk.
8. Visit the Seldovia Museum and learn the past of Seldovia.
9. Walk on the Otter Bahn trail.
10. Hike on the Rocky Ridge Trail.
11. Go fishing in Jakolof Bay or Kenai River.
12. Kayak in Seldovia Bay.
13. Climb a tree.
14. Visit the new pavilion.
15. Watch a concert of the Arts Council.
16. Eat ice cream under the sun.
17. Watch eagles at Outside Beach.
18. See some otters from the breakwater.
19. Try the local jellies.
20. Rest in the Land of the Midnight Sun.
21. Search for fast lures in the rocks under the bridge during low tide.
22. Enjoy the sun.
23. Buy some flowers.
24. Look at the boats passing by at the drydock area.
25. Visit the city cemetery and pay your respects.
26. Order a specialty drink.
27. Take a walk along the shores of Sandy Beach.
28. Wave goodbye to the people leaving on the daily passenger boats.
29. Make friends with a Seldovia Labrador.
30. Take a picture with your family on the beach.
31. Ride a water taxi when returning to Homer.
32. Sit in the flower garden at the old boardwalk.
33. Fly a kite.
34. Use a restroom in Harbormaster.
35. Watch the sunset from the pier.
36. Stay an additional night.
37. Take part in the fish derby on Memorial Day Weekend.
38. Take a picnic on Church beach.
39. Fly fish off Pete's Point.
40. Play basketball at SBE.
41. Send a postcard to your family or friend.
42. Purchase a Seldovia hat.
43. Watch the Chainsaw Carving Competition on Labor Day weekend.
44. Befriend the locals.
45. Check your email at SOCC's Internet Cafe.
46. Search all the chainsaw carvings around the area.
47. Visit the Russian Orthodox Church.
48. Rent a bike.
49. Take a video or photo of your experience and post to your social media accounts.
50. Get some wildflowers.
51. Walk to the reservoir.
52. Play tennis at the school.
53. Choose your favorite painted garbage can.
54. Check some local happenings at the Post Office bulletin board.
55. Play pool at the bar.
56. Play frisbee.
57. Hike to the airport and watch the planes.
58. While walking, enjoy drinking your coffee.
59. Climb the Red Mountain.
60. Enjoy lunch with your loved one.
61. Participate the Seldovia Bible Chapel Sunday Service at 11:00.
62. Pick blueberries.
63. Walk to the radio tower.
64. Watch the ferry going in and out from the pier.
65. Enjoy whale watching.
66. Celebrate the 4th of July.
67. Appreciate the local gardens.
68. Eat pizza.
69. Watch the magnificent view of Kachemak Bay at Outside Beach.
70. Observe how people clean their fish.
71. Book a flightseeing tour.
72. Dig some clams.
73. Go bird watching.
74. Select your favorite decorated fire hydrant.
75. Read a book in the library.
76. Shop around town.
77. Tour the whole Seldovia by a taxi.
78. Check the artworks around town.
79. Join Seldovia in in their Summer Solstice Music Festival in June.
80. Order a hot meal at their Senior Meals program.
81. Catch some King Salmon in June and July.
82. Take a guided tour to catch the finest halibut.
83. Take bay tours.
84. Go on ATV tours.
85. Visit galleries.
86. Do beachcombing at Outside Beach.
87. Pick blueberries and cranberries along the way.
88. Go mountain biking from Homer to the Jakolof Bay Road.
89. Dine and enjoy the colorful wall artwork at Tide Pool Cafe.
90. Explore the seal life along the rocks in McDonald Spit.
91. Visit the Alaska Tribal Cache for some marmalade and jams.
92. Go charter fishing.
93. Hold hands with your loved one.
94. Dine and watch the harbor at Linwood Bar & Grill.
95. Walk down the harbor and see the anglers bring in their catch.
96. Paddle around the beautiful bay.
97. Shop in their local stores for unique items.
98. Workout in the SVT Fitness Center.
99. Hike at the Grewingk Glacier Lake Trail.
100. Visit the Coal Village Site.
101. Make a friend.

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