About to lease: Four smart questions to ask before leasing a Vehicle

What should you know before you lease a vehicle? It is possible to get a really great deal using an online company to lease a car if you know what to ask. What should you know before you lease a vehicle? It is possible to get a really great deal using an online company to lease a car if you know what to ask. For example: Does you leasing company offer open or closed vehicle leases? There is a difference between leasing types. A closed-end lease is what is known as a “walk-away” lease. This is a common type of lease that many customers get. At the end of the lease, customers return the car and only pay damages for excessive wear and tear. Customers are not responsible the value of the cars after they are returned to a leasing company. Open leases mean customers are responsible for value of the cars after they return them. If the monthly payments are not large enough to cover the depreciation, you still may have to cover the difference. However, these types of leases are used more for commercial customers.

What is the best vehicle to lease? Some vehicles keep their value better than others. What are the best vehicles to lease? Mini Coopers keep their value the best over time. Other vehicles that are good at keeping their values over a longer period of time. What are best cars to lease? Other vehicles that keep their values the best are: Land Rover Range Rover, Honda CV-R, Jeep Wrangler, Hyundai Electra, Kia Sportage, and a Subaru Forrester.

What are the best reasons I should Lease?

• Leasing a vehicle can offer families and couples lower monthly payments. On average, customers pay 30 percent to 80 percent lower monthly payments than they would if they bought a car or SUV. This is a great advantage for getting a car lease.

• Don’t worry about repair or low Maintenance. This is a nice thing about leasing a vehicle with an online car company that leases vehicles. Many times if you lease for 36 months or lease, customers are covered with a bumper-to-bumper warranty.

• Tax benefits in your favour. If using a vehicle for business purposes, it may be possible to get a tax break. Many lease agreements only make customers pay for their usage. It also means you do not have to pay on the ‘full’ tax benefits on vehicles.

• Get the best cars for less. Many car lease companies do not require any money put down. Others may require as little as a 20 percent down payment to get a vehicle. This allows you to get the best deal on a car lease. While some customers may not to put down a down payment, they may have to still pay upfront fees with a car or SUV lease.

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By: Tinashe Gwena

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