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Android Marshmallow is a new android mobile operating system which mostly focuses on developing the features of it’s previous version “Android Lollipop’’. Now it is obvious that the new version will definitely be more improved than its previous version but Marshmallow haven’t really focused on drastic and exceptional developments to create a lot of attraction. Rather it focused on the little developments on the past features according to the best interest and usability of the users. For example, the volume control function now has been divided into separate parts which looks very efficient. It adds the “No disturb mode” to avoid disturbance according to user’s work and personal affairs. Also different sound volumes like alarms, calls and music volumes have been functioned to operate separately and are added in one system menu and not on operating in time of use. The function of disabling social network notifications and popout notifications on personal wishes is also developed in Marshmallow for users’ advantage.

#It also has the feature of regaining battery charge while screen locked is a huge necessity thinking from a user’s point of view.

#The Menu is designed vertically which kind of looks like a desperate measure taken by android on bringing something NEW on the looks. But great job anyway as it has enabled fast search for the users with keyboard searching options on the menu.

#System UI Tuner enables user to reset the placement of the tools and features also enabling feature for the user to make ‘on use’ tool logos disappear from the home screen.
#New modification brought on the screenshot handelling as it now enables user to delete the screenshot on the spot and not go inside gallery and find it and deleting the unwanted screenshots.

#Copy-pasting texts are now more easier and allows user to copy each words of a sentence and not just dragging the selection and running like flash kind of copying which was found frustrating to the users before.

#Battery update feature allows a user to see specifically how much battery was drained on which particular app.

#Widget page is now designed vertically and enables user to search latest media files on the go.

#Built in file manager is now instilled which has been desired by the android users for a long time.

By: jack luke

Overall, Android is no doubt a very incredible operating system loved by millions across the world. Android Masrshmallow consists of the same ideaology but is designed concentrating hugely on the user’s compatibility and usage.

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