How to use Google new panel in security settings to keep your account safe

This article is all about the security settings offered by Google to protect your Google account. These days cyber hacker have become so smart enough that they can hack any account including Your Google account too. They have been developing so many different types of malware and spyware that they can easily infect your computer and hack your personal information without your consent. So, in order to keep your Google account safe, here are some tips that you can follow.

The security settings are not new, but the wizard like presentation is a new addition. It will take you through five important security settings steps to make your Google account safe.

Do you know how safe is your Google Account is? For example - Is your recovery option is up to date so that you recover it back if your account gets locked? Do you know which applications you have allowed to access your account information? Have you set up two step verification security? All these questions are essential for any Google users and even Google itself should live at the center of your digital world.

Thanks to Google who has made it easier for users to check five significant security settings so that you can be confident enough that your account is safe and secure. Got o to the Security Settings page for your account and you will notice that a new panel has been added, named as “Secure your Account." You have to just click on “Get Started” that is shown in blue button and you will be then taken through these five security settings:

1 - Recovery information
2 - Recent activity
3 - Account permissions
4 - App passwords
5 - Two-Step Verification

Although the security settings are not new addition to Google’s security offerings but what is new is the wizards that take you through these five settings mentioned above. Here you can update and edit each setting and the wizards ends and it moves you to the next security settings. This new clear and easy presentation security panels have encouraged several Google users to update their accounts, making their account more safe and protected.


If you haven’t tried the new wizards Google Security settings and you want to make your Google account secure and safe then it is recommended that you must login to your Google account now and go through these 5 security settings and edit and update the information and make your account secure and safe from any malware or cyber attackers.

By: Henri Charles

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