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Celebrity high heels sandals

This season it’s suddenly a trend embraced by celebrities and fashion industry insiders who are pairing their Birkenstocks, clogs and open-toed high heel sandals.

High heel sandals are an open type of outdoor footwear. Celebrities may choose to wear high heels sandals for several reasons, among them economy, comfort in warm weather and as a fashion choice. Usually celebrities wear sandals in warmer climates or during warmer parts of the year in order to keep their feet cool and dry. The risk of developing heel pain and infection lowers the rate of wearing high heel sandals.

High heeled sandals are the sandals that raise the heel of the wearer’s foot significantly higher than the toes. When both the heel and toes are raised equal amounts it is not considered to be a high heel. High heels are now usually worn only by girls and women, there are shoes designs worn by both genders that have elevated heels including cowboy boots and Cuban heels.

Now is the season when the celebrities took their freshly pedicure toes and wear high heel sandals or open toed pumps that look fabulous but sometimes feel like the masochistic torture tools that many podiatrists insist they are.
In the world of fashion, celebrity’s shoes are iconic. High heels are no exception. They have come a long way since their origination. They were a status symbol of the time. High heeled sandals were limited to those of a higher social status.

Stilettos are the grandest of all high heels. They sport an extremely high and narrow heel and while they are difficult to walk in their look is one of ultimate femininity. The pencil like heel requires a combination of balance and poise.
High heel sandals can have an amazing effect on celebrity and are able to fill them with pleasure and excitement when shopping for them. The heeled sandal in particular is a matter of contentious. No other shoe has gestured toward sexuality and sophistication as much as the high heeled shoe. High heels are not a modern invention. Rather, they enjoy a rich and varied history for both men as well as women.

Height was a central feature of seventh century fashion. Celebrities accentuated their height with tall hairstyles, long flowing gowns and high heeled shoes. Introduced in late sixteenth century as a wedged cork heel, high heeled shoes became the dominant style.

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