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Platform runway shoes

Platform shoes have a wide, high sole that elevated the feet by several inches instead of the traditional thin sole that most shoes tend to have. In platform runway shoes, both the toe and heel are usually elevated. The entire sole of the shoe can be completely elevated or merely the toes and heels have a platform base. Heel sections are generally quite wide. A slightly raised platform covering the whole sole is still popular in casual sandals and loafers. Extra rubber gave a little more spring to the step.

In fashion a runway is a narrow usually flat platform that runs into an auditorium used by models to demonstrate clothing and accessories. The platform diamante shoes are one of our most popular platform shoes. With the incredible platform unit that is diamante encrusted and with t – bar thick diamante straps these are head turning prom shoes that are perfect for summer. These are absolutely very –very gorgeous.
The high heel sandals pinch, burn, pain and cause the inflammation in your feet. But the platform runways shoes are quite comfortable and do not harm your feet. The platform runway shoes are designer and soft and also can be weared by old age people.

The platform shoes are the newest, most nifty shoe for fall. The best part about this trend –these are more stylish, gorgeous and fantastic. In early platform history was the Chopin, a shoe that was popular from fifteenth through centuries, with the biggest surge of popularity. They were a status symbol of most wealthy wives used to elevate them as most important part of room and could be high as high as twenty inches tall. They were most commonly between five and nine inches high. Women need a special servant to assist them with walking in them. Platform shoes were also popular in eighteenth century.

Season after season, year after year, fashionsists both young and old makes the bi – annual pilgrimage to the holy lands for the runway platform shoes collection that will shape the face of fashion for the coming season. Platform heels are everywhere – on the runway, in magazines and on the red carpet. Platform runway shoes are one of must checked on shoe webb right now, the styles and prices are just perfect for girls who don’t feel complete unless we’re matching our footwear to our nails, purse, accessories and clothes.

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