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After introduction of smart phones, the competition among the Smartphone manufacturers has increased After introduction of smart phones, the competition among the Smartphone manufacturers has increased. Most preferred Mobile Operating systems that are used these days are Android, iOS and Windows phone. Android is widely used by Samsung, HTC, LG and other companies while iOS is restricted to Apple and Nokia uses Windows Phone OS. Thousands of applications are available for these operating systems. Android apps can be found at Android Market, iOS apps at App Store and Windows Phone apps at Market Place. There are many companies which build applications for Android and TechJini is one among them. They develop apps for iOS and Blackberry as well.

Android app builder

The team at TechJini can build Android apps for shopping, education, business, games, security, job search, health and travel etc. They have a team of professionals who have hands on experience in developing bug free apps with smooth user interface. The development team specialized in Android app builder who will work closely with customer requirements to build apps. They use latest features and technology while developing Android applications and provide apps at affordable prices. TechJini is also into development of Android widgets, m-commerce apps, LBS applications, social networking apps and also well versed with development of Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Android Security Architecture

Android App Creator

The team at TechJini is skilled at developing for Android Devices including phones, tablets and phablets. They are well versed in designing the applications based on user requirement so that the user experience in the application is personalized and has a minimal learning curve. They can help in building an Android application that is scalable and robust and is designed with a UI that rivals the best apps in the market. TechJini helps in creating a solution that can give customers a cutting edge experience and they hire developers who are skilled and well versed with latest technologies like Android app creator.

IPhone Game Development

Apple’s iPhone is one of the world’s best selling mobile phone because of the best User Interface it has. Other than entertainment apps, it’s a fun to have game apps and play them on iPhone. Some of the best games on iPhone are Dead Ahead, Sorcery, Draw Something, Tasty Tadpoles etc. Several companies compete to develop game apps for iPhone. TechJini is one of the companies which are into Iphone game development. They develop both single and multiplayer games. Thorough game testing and quality analysis of the game are done to give users a great experience. These game applications are compatible with both iPhone and ipad. After development these games are uploaded to Apple’s App Store and hence can be purchased for making life simple.

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