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Shri Narendra Modi has been people’s favorite Indian leader on social media! Shri Modi’s online presence has brought him much closer to people not only in India but across the World. It is biggest achievement of technology that brought Modi much more closely to the people and is very effective, economic and convenient. Spreading his online presence beyond face book, twitter, YouTube, Google+ and his website, Shri Modi can now be followed on other popular social networks such as Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Tumblr and Flickr. It is very easy to support Modi from any corner of the world as his online presence is increasing day by day.
The pinterest page have 11 boards including recent news, governance initiatives, youth development, urban development and more. Shri Modi’s social media popularity has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 2-3 years. He is doing so much development in Gujarat that is really remarkable and people of Gujarat are very lucky to have leader like Modi. Narendra Modi video and articles, news all can give you information about his development in Gujarat and which is remarkable and to be noticed. People of Gujarat are very lucky and they have so many opportunity so that they can live there life happily.
On twitter he has across billion followers and it is really remarkable. He not only gets followed by people on twitter, but he also follows them back, which has been greatly appreciated by people. What more! He not only follows some of his followers back but also replies to tweets!
Google+ account has created on June 2012 and in short span of time he has around 4 lakh followers and it is amazing as no any leader in India has so many followers. Modi is real hero of our society and it is no doubt that he really deserves the post of our next Prime Minister.
His website has also grown amazingly well! It is one among top 1500 websites according to Alexa Ranking. The ranking is only getting better each day with lakhs of people registering to the website for daily updates, newsletters, interacting with the CM and engaging site in many ways. This website has so many options by which you can be connected with Narendra Modi from any corner of these worlds.
Modi is real hero of our society and he deserves the post for pm and nobody can take his place. People want him as next prime minister and he will get that post as he really deserves it. Modi is the only leader of our society who only focuses on development not money. He only focuses on the happiness of people and due to this every people in Gujarat is living happily without any difficulty and tension of future. Modi is the only person who has maximum people support and lots of fans in all corners of these worlds. Narendra Modi videos can help you to get all the developments in Gujarat and you will come to know about the achievements of Modi.

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