Dark and Stormy

Whether writing and debugging the texts themselves or reading and dissecting the novels of other authors.
A writer is always learning how could say that better than both mean, how could better organize their work to be more effective, or just as it could maintain mood you need to push through his new novel or your next book of stories when he has to deal with many problems beyond literature in their daily lives.

Read an essay on literary theory might be a good idea. Nothing is comparable to learning that involves writing a really bad and debug text to turn it into something presentable, or maybe even good, but these books help us not to stumble again and stumbled where others before us. So we save a lot less time and no penalties. The problem is that every year a handful of dark and stormy books published on this topic (what writer does not like to read about the art of writing?) And very few offer a fresh look at the world of literary creation.

After releasing 'Star Wars' George Lucas confessed that the story of his film had a large outstanding debt to the work of Joseph Campbell and more particularly with his book "The Hero with a Thousand Faces'. Joseph Campbell, the great scholar of mythology and folk legends, unveiled the secrets of the so-called Hero's Journey. Campbell realized that the stories told in all cultures had a number of points in common. A series of dark and stormy phases that must pass its protagonists and a series of archetypal characters that these protagonists were finding along its development. If our story resonate within our readers, we meet these archetypes that have always existed.

For a story to be credible, the characters must be credible and authentic. Get it can be a very difficult task but there are some strategies for creating "real people" to include in your story. Write a list titled with the name of your character and writes all the attributes you can think of, from its position in the orchestra until his favorite dark and stormy story. Learn everything you can about your characters, from what is their main motivation to what their favorite foods. Do they speak with a particular accent? Do you have a singularity in his speech? You will not include this information in the story but the more you know, have your characters life, for you and the reader. Make sure the personalities of your characters are not perfect. All characters need to have some flaw, some problems, flaws or insecurities.

It may seem that anyone would like to read a story about someone with flaws or weaknesses, but the opposite happens. Batman would not be if it was not a sociopath to the limit. People can identify with characters with problems because that is realistic. When trying to find the weak points of your characters, you should not necessarily give them a huge conflict or bizarre (although if you want you can).

By: Richard Valicek

For most of your characters, works with aspects that you know. For example, the character may have outbursts of anger, fear the water, be lonely, smoke too much, etc. All this can use it to carry your dark and stormy story.

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