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Best mafia books contain the detail of American mafia, its leaders/ bosses, history of the mafia and many more. If you are fans of Mafia then you can easily go through the mafia book or can read the detailed story of Mafia. <p>American mafia is the interesting topic for most of people so they always try to find something unique that give them the detail of it. There are endless sources available that may help you to find all the information that you need to know about Mafia. There are number of aspects about the American Mafia which you definitely like to know and Mafia story must reveal the gangsters of mob. Mafia Book can be the ultimate source for you to gather detail of American Mafia and to know the life story of famous bosses of Mafia. To read mafia books is just being a craze for people as they like to read about the popular leaders of mob and the whole information regarding their criminal life. Mafia is the underworld where there are several leaders who just try to do everything in their own way. It is really interesting to know how the leaders enter in this world and how they have did a lot of crimes.</p>
<p>The mafia book is the great source that can describe the detail of mafia and its leaders who have an impactful role for this underworld. Basically, the members of mafia had done a lot of clashes with police and other security forces. These criminal groups always try to harm others in the way they can and live their life in the way they actually want. If you really love to read about such type of stories then A Wiser Guy is one of the <a href="">best mafia books</a> that cover detail of mafia and the bosses of 20th century. It is the true book that depicts the truth of American mafia and the famous leaders of this underworld. A Wiser Guy is the book you can choose to stay informed about the invention of mafia and the crimes mafia gangsters’ attempt.</p>
<p>Knowing <b>history of the mafia</b> is really interesting thing and it will give you detail of the different mafia bosses who join this underworld and what they all did. The most popular leaders of mafia were: Albert Anastasia, Casandra Bonosera, Joe Dicarlo, Sam Dicarlo, Steve/Stephano Magadino, Peter Magadino and many more. Paolo (Paul) Palmeri was born Oct. 1, 1892, in Castellammare del Golfo, Sicily, the youngest son of Francesco and Anna Caleca Palmeri. He had great part in the American Mafia as he entered the mafia in 1928. Palmeri went into a new line of work in this year, partnering with Alfred Panepinto in the Panepinto & Palmeri Funeral Home in Niagara Falls. From that time Palmeri was a trusted member of mafia organization commanded by Stefano Magaddino. If you are fans of mafia and want to know the true story of American mafia then A Wiser Guy is the ultimate source.</p>

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