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The Historical Perspective Of Scrubs

Today Medical Scrubs are worn throughout the world by doctors, nurses, surgeons, dentists and administrative staff in the hospitals. The doctors’ day simply does not begin without scrubs. However, the era when scrubs came into existence is stil…

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Maintaining Cleanliness of Scrubs

Scrubs Inc offers largest collection of cheap nursing scrubs sets, Get Free Shipping discount medical scrubs with all major brands of clearance scrubs tops Los Angeles.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Medical Scrubs

Medical Scrubs play a vital role in the professional life of doctors, nurses and other medical personnel. They are worn at the hospitals and medical institutions at all times. Even the students in a medical college wear scrubs. Even though the trend …

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The Beginning Of Medical Scrubs

We are used to seeing doctors in the hospitals and healthcare centers wearing scrubs today. We cannot think of a hospital with medical personnel without their scrubs or at least lab coats. Scrubs are a necessity in creating a hygienic and sterile env…

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Three Types Of Materials Used In the Manufacture Of Scrubs

Over a century has passed since the introduction of medical scrubs. However, it was only after the last decade that the quality of fabrics used in the manufacture of medical scrubs was given importance. When the perks of wearing good quality medical …

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How To Buy The Best Scrubs At The Cheapest Rates

This is a brief article which is basically aimed at people who have recently graduated from med-school or college. The reason is to give them a few tips on how to buy the best scrubs at the cheapest rates since they cannot afford expensive and brande…

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Finding The Best Quality Medical And Nursing Scrubs

Doctors, nurses, surgeons and medical personnel around the globe mostly purchase their own medical and nursing scrubs. There are also some hospitals that provide their staff with scrubs and uniforms. It is very important for their apparel and uniform…

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Get the Cheapest Scrubs without Compromising on Quality

The first thing that a patient notices after entering a healthcare center or hospital is the apparel of its staff. Therefore, medical scrubs play a great role in the life of medical personnel. It is best for medical professionals, especially nurses a…

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No More Old Fashioned Scrubs

Prior to the 1800s, there were no nursing scrubs or uniforms. It wasn’t considered necessary to distinguish between the medical staff and the visitors. Another reason was that the medical institutions in the olden days were very small, therefor…

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The Demand of Medical Scrubs is Increasing Day by Day

The purpose of this brief article is to discuss a few reasons why doctors, surgeons, nurses and medical personnel today give preference to medical scrubs over their regular clothes while at work. Scrubs today are not only limited to hospitals and med…

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How to Find the Finest Medical Scrubs

In the medical profession, nurses and doctors generally purchase their own scrubs and medical uniforms. Scrubs are worn as a part of the daily routine of nurses, doctors and other medical personnel therefore it is important that these scrubs be made …

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Making Your Perfect Scrub Set

Scrubs are the most "In" thing these days. Yes, scrubs do look pretty classy and trendy but you really need to know how to make the perfect scrub set by mixing and matching different colors and prints. The right choice of scrubs and nursing…

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Why Doctors Prefer Scrubs

The purpose of this article is to discuss the top reasons why doctors and medical personnel greatly prefer scrubs while dealing with patients. The first and foremost reason is to control infectious diseases. Wearing scrubs makes it possible for a doc…

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A Fun Day at the Kissing Booth

Most of our Sassy Scrubs customers come to us because they love our custom made uniforms.

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Increase In the Demand Of Nursing Scrubs

In this article we shall discuss why doctors, surgeons, nurses and other medical personnel today prefer medical scrubs over their regular clothes while at work. You will be surprised to know that not just nurses, even generally people prefer wearing …

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No Compromise on the Style Or Comfort Of Medical Scrubs

Back in the day when nursing and medical scrubs came into existence, medical personnel were least bothered about their appearance and their medical uniforms. Nurses generally wore a white dress with an apron tied to the front and a funny looking cap…

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The Trendy Medical Scrubs and Uniforms

Those days are long gone when the doctors and nurses in a hospital wore those traditional, boring white colored uniforms that were enough to give a terrorizing aura. Today the doctors, nurses and medical employees in a hospital are all dressed up in …

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Getting the Most Cost Effective Scrubs Solution

People in the medical profession, especially nurses and fresh graduates aim at finding the most cost effective solution when purchasing their medical scrubs. Fresh graduates are obviously not earning enough to have piles and piles of medical scrubs …

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Easy Shopping Of Medical Scrubs

Purchasing scrubs is usually a very time consuming, difficult and sometimes boring as well. The first and foremost advantage of online shopping is convenience. You can order the item online 24/7, while in case of going out to a shopping store you hav…

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Stand Out From the Crowd With Your Medical Scrubs

Everyone wants to look the best and everyone wants to stand out from the rest of the crowd. It is a built in function in a human being of wanting to look the best and gain peoples' attention. There are also some exceptions who want to be invisible; t…

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