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Diving in Silfra While Guided by a Passionate and Professional Diver can Bring Enough Fun for You!

Diving and snorkeling like adventurous activities have always managed to draw attention from travelers across the globe.

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Silfra Snorkeling Tour is Best for Those Who Wish for Sheer Adventure!

Subduction zones, fault line, tectonic plates or continental plates; these terms have always managed to create interest within us when we have heard or read about them in the geology section during the high school time.

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Hobbies over and under the water – snorkeling and scuba diving

Are you looking for a new summer hobby, perhaps something to do in water? You must have heard about scuba diving and snorkeling, so if you haven’t tried these popular water sports yet, now is the time!

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Where to buy Snorkeling and scuba diving equipment from?

Snorkeling and scuba diving are becoming more and more popular. So, it’s quite obvious that there are many equipment providers around. Scuba diving is not by any means dangerous, but the lack of knowledge and the wrong type of equipment can mak…

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What to pack on a scuba diving trip abroad?

Are you a scuba diver or at least a snorkeling enthusiast? If you are keen to widen your experiences in these underwater sports then keep reading. We have some scuba diving and snorkeling news for you about equipment.

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Underwater Diving in Iceland can Help You Explore How Powerful the Mother Nature Can Be!

Whether it’s a nature enthusiast or an adventure seeker, he or she is surely going to enjoy snorkeling in Iceland.

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Snorkeling in Riviera Maya, Mexico

Riviera Maya is one of the best places to do snorkeling and at the same time to enjoy the many delights that an all-inclusive resort in Mexico could offer to its guests. There are so many Riviera Maya resorts in Mexico City among which Karisma Res…

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Iceland Diving Tours can Help You Grasp More About the Real Powers of Mother Nature!

Have you ever thought that you will get a chance on this earth to touch two different tectonic plates that have played a major role in creating two different continents?

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Five Free Things To Do In Key West

Key West is famous for its city tours, museums, sailing experiences, snorkeling, and restaurants, but they can get expensive!

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Dry Suit Diving is What can Bring More Enjoyment for You While Diving in Silfra Fissure!

The real fun of diving adventures in Iceland can be received when you opt for the dry suit diving.

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Belize - A Tourist Paradise

Belize, the gorgeous Central American nation on the Caribbean Sea, provides a wealth of travel escapades from snorkeling to discovering old Mayan sites to trekking in lush green, tropical rainforests.

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Key Largo inn lays the world’s largest artificial reef

You will find numerous options to fill your days. You may want to try some world-class scuba diving or snorkeling during your trip.

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Taking to the Blue Clear Waters in the Puerto Rican Islands

Unlike other Caribbean Islands, you are unlikely to find diving and snorkeling opportunities on its mainland shores.

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Choose Jost Van Dyke as your Favorite Vacation spot

The white sand beaches, peculiar drinks and remarkably beautiful water are calling you. Most island vacations are known for relaxation, so you can also get some great diving and snorkeling opportunities around these remote sea resorts.

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What to discover in Egypt Vacation Packages

If you’ve come to soak up the sun, head to the beautiful (and sunny) resorts of Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh for miles of golden sands, breathtaking scenery and an abundance of water activities such as water-skiing and kayaking. Pop your snorke…

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Choose From A Vibrant Collection Of Wakeboard Weste And Wetsuit Damen

If you’re into water sports like swimming, surfing, paddle boarding, wakeboarding or snorkeling etc. you must invest in a good neoprene wetsuit damen

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Remarkable, Calm And Quiet Sri Lanka Beaches To Enjoy Your Holidays

The shoreline areas are for the most part situated in the south and west of Sri Lanka additionally the east drift has a few diamonds where you are likewise ready to snorkel or go on whale watching undertakings.

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How to Build a House in Fiji?

This country is a perfect place for adventure seeks with sports like kayaking, river rafting, snorkeling, scuba diving, and so on. This is why foreigners are trying to build a home in Fiji to relocate and spend rest of the life happily.

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5 Best Things To Do In Cozumel

The reason why most people head to Cozumel is that it offers fun for everyone – be it adventure lovers looking for diving and snorkeling, or families looking for sandy beaches and calm shores.

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4 Relaxing Activities That you Must Do on Your Grand Cayman Tour

Resting atop a submarine mountain of coral, the island of Grand Cayman offers some truly distinctive adventure opportunities, including stingray city trips, snorkeling tours and more.

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