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Judge Jurden of Delaware was presented with Women’s’ Leadership Award

Helping young women achieve greatness in their lives through thought leadership, positive mentorship, and education, enabling them to build a lifetime of fulfillment.

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Are Corporate Awards Beneficial For Your Business?

These days the companies hold special activities from time to time to ensure team interaction and better bonding among the employees. In these events and for many other such events where some awards has to be presented, special corporate awards are n…

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Recognizing Achievement with Customized Art and Acrylic Awards

The usefulness of personalized items is no less evident in the field of achievement recognition.

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Acrylic Awards

What are acrylic awards? Well, acrylic awards are not awards for being acrylic, because that’d be ridiculous and only awardable to inanimate objects. What acrylic awards really are would be awards made from acrylic.

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Creating Acrylic awards

Many companies like to create awards for their employees to show recognition for their achievements and acrylic awards and personalised awards are both popular choices.

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Different Types of Sports Awards

There are different types of sports awards available nowadays. Instead of simple and common trophy designs, many creative and innovative sports awards have emerged to cater to unique requirements. Check here for samples of modern trophies.

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Bespoke acrylic awards from a company with a wealth of experience

If you’re in the financial market and are looking to put on an event that needs acrylic awards then Podium Designs are the best place for you to go. Their unique designs and attention to detail make all the acrylic awards that they create speci…

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Corporate Awards to Motivate Staff

This is regarded as the most encouraging technique to uplift the morale your employees and give them reasons of appreciation so that they work more effectively.

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To choose from a selection of the finest personalised awards just come to Financial Tombstones

Are you hosting a corporate gathering with all your employees and intend to hand out rewards for a job well done? Have you decided against distributing generic awards in favour of personalised awards that your employees will surely display on the man…

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The Grammys: Music’s Most Coveted Award

The Grammys are the most important and prestigious awards in the music industry, the equivalent of the Tony awards of theater, the Emmys of television and the Academy awards or Oscars of the movie industry.

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The Significance Corporate Awards Hold

Studies prove that companies with happy and satisfied employees have higher productivity than companies with employees who are disgruntled and unhappy. This is where the importance of learning how to motivate your workers comes in. And if there is a …

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Engraved Awards Make Your Occasion All The More Special

Once these small issues are catered, there are hardly any more worries. In fact, some of the awards or trophies at their disposal have engraved messages readily printed on them.

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Sustainability Awards for Development Initiatives

In an attempt to recognise the attempts of the various industries and companies in the corporate structure, several sustainability awards are rolled out.

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Recognizing True Talent With Awards Plaques

The feeling of being wanted is universal, and all of us have the desired to be appreciated for the work that we do for our organization. This emotional trend was recognized by top corporations in the world, and they started a program that used to pra…

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The Clout of Sustainability Awards in the Corporate Sector

There are several attempts to honor and recognize the contribution of the CSR in India. A lot of awards and recognitions are rolled out under the Corporate Responsibility initiatives for identifying the different projects under the CSR.

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Crystal Trophies and Awards: A nice gesture of appreciation

Awards are important; they imbibe the correct amount of appreciation, self-importance and recognition for commendable efforts in a person.

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Financial Tombstones – get the acrylic awards you’ll be proud to display

An award that announces the details of a new issue (the sale of newly issued securities to investors), a financial tombstone displays the names of all investors who have helped to organise or have prided funds.

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Engraved Crystal Awards – Rewarding In Shimmering Finesse

Supplier companies for engraved crystal awards have several designs and innovative ideas available for your category of rewards.

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Celebrate your achievement with best inscribed trophies

Achievement trophies sydney are a good way to commemorate the triumphs and encourage individuals who labored to achieve something purposeful.

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The Football Business Awards Kicks Off Its Second Season

Following the huge success of last year's Football Business Awards, entries are now open. Various categories recognizing the different endeavours within the business of football are available and will be judged by some of the biggest names in the ind…

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