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What Does Your Busyness Really Mean?
Writing And Speaking: Book Marketing • Published: Aug 18, 2014

If you’ve ever experienced the kind of thinking revealed in the questions I’m about to ask below, you will definitely benefit from what I’m about to show you… Do you believe a full and passionate life is for others – but not for you? Do you ever sigh and wonder, &l…

The Secret To True Success
Writing And Speaking: Book Marketing • Published: Aug 20, 2014

We have gifts, strengths, yearnings and longings unfulfilled. We are also adept at distracting ourselves from what we know that we have to do if life as we know it is going to change. Are you waiting for the perfect time to claim what is missing?

Money, What Is Your Story?
Business: Customer Service • Published: Aug 27, 2014

We long for money, we sacrifice for it, and we fight with those we love for more of it. Money is worshipped, a false god it may be, but a god nevertheless. People use money to boost a weak self- image, inflate low self- esteem, and control others dependent on their largess.

Accelerate Manifestation, Start by Writing it Down
Writing And Speaking: Book Marketing • Published: Sep 05, 2014

When we drift there is a tendency to feel helpless, or a victim of circumstances. A position of passivity makes us susceptible to other people’s control, and we are more apt to give in and live a life of other people’s expectations.

***Success Can Be Yours
Writing And Speaking: Book Marketing • Published: Sep 25, 2014

During the sixties, thousands of young people rebelled against their parent’s definition of success. They declared the roles that parents and society imposed on them as “suffocating,” lacking in creative personal choice. The males denigrated their fathers choice of work, the &ldq…

***Find the “Sweet Spot”
Writing And Speaking: Book Marketing • Published: Sep 23, 2014

Having spent my early years in Newfoundland, Canada, I remember well the ferocity of the Atlantic Ocean, beating against the rocky cliffs of the shoreline. And there were the birds that flew into and nestled on the barren ledges, hanging on, with their bodies shivering. Some of the birds nestled in …

Accelerate Manifestation: Use the Power of Visualization
Writing And Speaking: Book Marketing • Published: Sep 17, 2014

Once you are clear about your desires and goals, and have written them down, an incredible step to add to your practice is visualization. This is an ancient powerful tool to use for the fulfillment of desires. Prehistoric man used the power of visualization when he carved on the walls of his cave, …

***How to Win Your Struggle with Losing Weight!
Business • Published: Oct 02, 2014

There are a multitude of reasons why people struggle with weight control, many of which are unconscious. This article explains that it is not just about the food! Without recognizing and understanding your opponent, your struggle will continue to bring more of the same results. I will assist you in …

***Beyond the Pain of Loss
Writing And Speaking: Book Marketing • Published: Oct 08, 2014

Divorce is a major loss that does not get fully respected in our society. Some people find it harder to resolve divorce than death. With death one is left without a choice; however in divorce there may be a choice, as usually one is betrayed or chooses to leave. Some people have a terrible time carr…

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