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Reference And Education: College University • Published: Jul 12, 2017

I always wonder that how would the life of an engineer be? I was always curious to know about the lifestyle of a person who is the backbone of our society.

Enhance the aura of your car interiors with amazing car perfumes
Health And Fitness: Beauty • Published: Feb 16, 2015

The pleasing appeal of car perfumes is an exotic one. As the e-commerce world continues to be hoarded by websites that continue to come up with multiple old and new brands with more and more variety and innovative ideas in the types of fragrances, it also continues to become much simpler and hassle …

Intern ships are extremely important for professionals in every field
Business: Entrepreneurialism • Published: Mar 05, 2015

The modern professional world in any sector thrives on experience. The more experience gained by a person, the more he or she is able to make a mark in his or her chosen field because that experience also acts as a unique skill booster.

Importance of intern ships in diverse professions
Business: Entrepreneurialism • Published: Mar 09, 2015

There can be no doubt about the fact that good and hard working interns serve as an immensely helpful asset for keeping an organization healthy.

Improve your sense of smell to boost your memory
Health And Fitness: Beauty • Published: Mar 04, 2015

Latest studies have revealed that the human nose is way sensitive than what we think. It has also been proven that our noses are able to identify and distinguish between trillion odd scents.

Society: Religion • Published: Jul 03, 2015

We put sandal paste between our eyebrows. Above the sandal paste, red turmeric and lime powder, we paste whole rice grains. That whole rice is called ‘Akshat’. ‘A’ means ‘no’ and ‘kshat’ means ‘broken’. So, those rice grains which do not br…

Perfumers create the soul of a perfume
Health And Fitness: Beauty • Published: Mar 03, 2015

Several tales and journeys of perfume shopping or perfume online shopping somehow make us forget the real value of the perfumer. It does not seem that we even remember or acknowledge the role of the perfumer in the entire perfume making process.

Perfumers and the bottle of perfume
Health And Fitness: Beauty • Published: Feb 25, 2015

When we buy perfumes online or even otherwise, seldom do we realize that we are missing out on acknowledging the fine details of the process that have been made possible due to the efforts of the perfumer, the perfumer evaluator and others who contributed towards making the perfume idea a reality.

What do you look for when you shop online for perfumes?
Health And Fitness: Beauty • Published: Feb 27, 2015

Perfume online shopping can be a very enjoyable experience. Who wouldn’t like checking out the latest exotic launches of celebrity scents contained in attractive bottles?

Get a glimpse of your future through an internship program
Business: Advertising • Published: Feb 27, 2015

We all are aware of the important role which intern ships play throughout our professional career. The fact that they act as a wonderful base that can launch you to the right place that you aspire to be in, internship opportunities in India help you get an idea of what it is to be like to work in a …

Society: Religion • Published: Jun 16, 2015

Satpal Maharaj is the 21st century's true spiritual master, great visionary and a superb estatesman. He has an holistic visualization to transform the human soul with the eternal knowledge of spirituality.

Make a purchase that smells divine!
Health And Fitness: Beauty • Published: Jan 23, 2015

Both men and women are lovers of perfumes. Good smelling perfumes let you feel confident and positive.

Shop online for finding a larger variety of books
Health And Fitness: Beauty • Published: Dec 23, 2014

Book lovers, students and academicians are constantly on the lookout for centres, stores, libraries or collections that can fulfil all their needs of a certain genre of reading or provide sufficient reference material

Vast range of books offered by Khurana Publishing
Internet Business: E Books • Published: Dec 26, 2014

Bibliophiles, academicians and students are always in need of book stores, literary centres, libraries or academic collections which can allow them to access a certain genre of reading or studying or carrying out secondary research work.

Turn to Khurana Publishing for books on varied subjects
Internet Business: E Books • Published: Dec 29, 2014

The modern world has seen a rapid and widespread emergence of an e-market that caters to all human needs right from clothing and groceries to transport, accommodation, monetary transactions and even books.

Car Perfumes at Perfume2order
Health And Fitness: Beauty • Published: Dec 29, 2014

Pleasing fragrances can liven up an interior space due to their positive effect on the surroundings. Room sprays and fresheners play a great role in creating a good ambience in any environment. When it comes to perfumes for cars, picking the right scent is essential for a nice car trip.

Shop for perfumes online
Health And Fitness: Beauty • Published: Jan 05, 2015

Fragrant oils and perfumed sprays have always been worn in some or the other form by both men and women since ages. Nice scents can make you feel confident, happy, optimistic and sensual. Perfumes are also a great way to express one's individuality.

Shopping for perfumes
Health And Fitness: Beauty • Published: Jan 05, 2015

History reports suggest that Stone Age rituals were responsible for the advent of cosmetics and perfumes! There have always been perfume lovers throughout time.

Buying books for entrance exams
Internet Business: E Books • Published: Jan 06, 2015

Khurana Publishing House is one name that can be trusted for all kinds of literary material or books for preparing for exams like MBA, MAT books

Internships in the field of technology
Business • Published: Jan 06, 2015

Technology has become the backbone of the modern world to a great extent. Naturally, it calls for a need of innovation and advancement in multiple avenues.

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