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Mr. Prashant is a Blog Writer along with that he has written six books, compiled two, and edited more than a dozen books. Currently, He is writing a series of articles on renewable energy and sustainable living in general in his blog. He Also became a publisher in August 2008 and founded APK Publishers.

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Sustainable Living
Reference And Education • Published: Dec 03, 2015

Imagine that the year is 2055. (Although we have leapt 40 years ahead in time, you don’t have to imagine yourselves to be 40 years older. :) This is just a thought experiment and you can be the same age that you are today.) You are living in an apartment complex in one of the big cities of Ind…

Energy Security
Reference And Education • Published: Dec 09, 2015

In the three previous articles, we learnt all about coal: how it is formed, how much reserves are there in the world, who the top ten consumers, producers, importers, and exporters of it were in 2010, what happens when you burn it, and what India’s coal situation is.

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