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WUDN is a unique online store that sells a wide variety of handcrafted wooden products. Our comprehensive product range includes wooden sunglasses, cell phone cases, portable battery chargers, and cool bar accessories like custom bottle openers and flasks. Unlike the mass-produced items you find on the internet, our products are stylish and elegant. And yet, they’re functional and easy on the wallet. Our raw materials are selected from local and sustainable sources, and made right in our Pittsburgh woodshop.

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5 Ideas For Corporate Gifts, Mementoes, and Party Favors
Business: Sales • Published: Jun 29, 2017

Fruit baskets and gourmet coffee gift baskets are so boring and predictable. If you’re in a service industry and constantly looking for gifts that help you stay on your customer’s good books, here are a few ideas. Some of these gifts also make great party favors or wedding mementos.

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