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African Memorable Safaris is a Kenya safari tour agency that has been offering personal Africa holiday trips in Kenya, Tanzania

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Six activities For a Successful Tour in Kenya
Travel And Leisure: Outdoors • Published: Nov 04, 2017

Have you ever asked yourself why travelers make return trips and tour Kenya? The most common answer would be “Safaris” the utmost wildlife show on the earth! Kenya the East African country is best known for its unbelievable wildlife and nature.

Discover the Vast Beauties and Attractions in Kenya on an Africa Kenya Luxury Safari
Travel And Leisure: Cruising Sailing • Published: Dec 20, 2017

Are you wondering if it’s a good idea to go on a safari in Africa? You must know that it’s a best to choose Africa Kenya luxury Safari for your vacation! Experience and enjoying stunning wildlife views in an Africa Kenya luxury Safari, that you have never experienced before. Prepare your…

What Makes A Kenya Safari Tour So Special?
Travel And Leisure: Vacation Rentals • Published: Jan 16, 2018

A stunning country, with breathtaking scenery, rich cultural heritage & a mystical quality like no other, Kenya is a perfect destination for an adventure safari tour.

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