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Automation of Time and Attendance
Computers: Software • Published: Jul 31, 2012

So, what is time and attendance basically? It’s all about the time spent on various activities and log-in, log-off, break timings. Let’s discuss the traditional and modern ways used to track time and attendance below:

Why Cloud Computing?
Self Improvement: Time Management • Published: Jul 31, 2012

How many of us really know the usage, importance and need of cloud computing? Good question isn’t it? Yes, the meaning is simple, it’s like the passing clouds in the sky, consider the moon as a software and users as clouds.

Factors to consider while choosing Time clock software
Computers: Software • Published: Jul 31, 2012

Are you looking out for employee time clock software? If your answer is “Yes” then there are a lot of factors you need to consider before opting for one. We spend a lot of time finding out the best offers and best value for our money, even in the case of purchasing a mobile phone.

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